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So the bad economy is doing you in, sapping your cash and draining your energy. You've tried everything to spark your business back to life. Nothing has worked. You're on your butt and unless some miracle happens, your company won't make it past the end of the quarter. Well, prepare for a miracle. But before I reveal to you where to stand to be struck by the lightning, we have to get you properly grounded. That's because lightening most often sparks between a negatively charged cloud (your problem) and a positively charge ground (your solution). And, if you want to turnaround your company, you'll have to be standing on very positive ground.

By now you know that you can't turn your company around by playing defense. There are only so many ways to cost effectively increase sales and there are only so many ways to cut costs. By now, you've been there… done that. Your belt can't get any tighter, you have no waste now.

So what kind of offense has enough positive charge to jolt your company's heartbeat back to life? What kind of offense can you undertake given your current cash position or should we say no cash position? What kind of offense can turn the tide in under 60 day? And, what about getting struck by lightning? Can't that kill you never mind kill your business?

Here's the good news, somebody out there in your industry is in worse shape than you are. I don't just say that to make you feel better. I tell you that because I'm going to show you how to help them out of their misery and at the same time solve your problem. You see, like you, they have a customer base that is not adequate to cover their bills but they don't know the miracle I'm about to reveal to you. So, are you ready to get struck by lightning? Are you standing in a very positive place? OK then, here's the bolt from heaven.

You are going to acquire their company which they will sell you for a bargain price and for bargain terms just to get out from under their pain. You will take over their current customer base and shed their surplus assets and overhead. The customer base that was inadequately supporting both companies is now adequately supporting just your company. Voilà! Instant positive cash flow. In the world of business turnaround, 60 days is instant.

As a rational person, you might argue that you don't have enough cash to pay your bills now, so how are you going to buyout another company? You might argue this will take too long and by the time it's done your company will be dead. You might argue that you have cash flow problems of your own… why should you buyout another dying company? You might argue all these points and more. Or, you can go stand on very positive ground and enjoy the miracle of lightening… or in this case enlightening.

Of course you don't have the resources that the uninitiated believe is necessary to pull this off. But here's some good news…YOU DON'T NEED THEM! You just need to be initiated…initiated into Bizar Financing that is.

If you want to learn the entrepreneurial skills required for this kind of dramatic turnaround, you can keep trying the school of hard knocks, but that's time consuming and pretty expensive after paying for your trial and error mistakes and the chances are your ailing company will die before you figure it out on your own. So, here's more good news. One of the reasons I founded Bizar Financing is to train entrepreneurs how to financially leverage themselves out of any business reversal by buying up other companies and making these acquisitions using little or no cash of their own. It's all a matter of know-how…know-how you can learn and execute in less than 60 days.

Have you ever watched the television show Shark Tank? It's not just entertainment. It serves up some incredible life lessons. I continue to marvel at how many people sink their life savings, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, into starting a business only to end up broke and groveling to give away control of their company for a pittance from one of the sharks. In many cases these entrepreneurs got off to a good start but after hitting a few obstacles, lacked the financial savvy to turn the tide in their favor. In most cases, I could have shown them, how with a fraction of the dollars blown on start-up, they could have purchased an already successful similar or complimentary business that has the infrastructure and resources to bring their product or service to completion. That same company could then also distribute it successfully into the marketplace. They could have owned and controlled it all with lots of cash left over. Instead they became victims of circumstance when they could have been captains in control of their own future. You have to hand it to the sharks. They are growing their business empires by using financial leverage to take ownership and control away from the uninitiated. You need not lose your business. You actually have a choice right now. You can struggle and maybe close your doors or…you can get financially savvy and thrive.

I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to training, coaching and mentoring people to become successful business owners. I actually gained the title of Mr. LBO by training more than 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide to buy up companies, using the company's own assets and cash flow to create all of the cash necessary to fully finance the purchase. I've been credited with popularizing and literally creating the leveraged buyout boom of the 1980's. There is only so much of my know-how that I can share you with you here. So take a moment now and click on this link to my Getting Rich Your Way Video. See for yourself what my methods and techniques for no cash business acquisition can do for you.


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